An Eye-Opening Trip

eye opening trip

A big THANK YOU to our church family for your prayers, sacrifices, and financial giving to make this trip possible!


This trip was different! Our goals were different and the results were often surprising. As a result of the church going outside its walls and meeting with the people in their homes, eyes and hearts were opened and people understood a whole new set of needs. Lives were touched in a very personal way. This approach provided a unique opportunity for the team as well as the local church people to see the true living conditions of the people – something they don’t see in a medical clinic or church meeting type mission trip setting.

We had several different “teams” within our team and despite being a small group, we knew we were exactly who God wanted there. Our construction team was able to do repairs/projects in 6 different homes. This included plumbing/electrical work and other small home repairs. We also had a larger project that involved preparing a back patio for a wheelchair bound woman to gain access to a bedroom she will be using. The fact that we showed up to work even in pouring rain in itself was a testimony. The construction work caused quite a stir in the community and opened the way for Roberto Flores to explain the importance of church as a body or family and to invite interested parties to get involved in Bible study.


Our medical team was able to see and give medications to approximately 100 people over the course of the week. Seeing the conditions the people live was heartbreaking for even the Brazilian medical personnel who were a part of our team. As the prescriptions were delivered to the homes, the plan of salvation was presented as well as other spiritual counseling as needed.

Our children’s team was able to share Bible stories and love with different groups of kids and to give out the items Judson church members had collected. Some received dresses made by Judson members and we were also able to donate some to an emergency shelter for girls. The ladies on the children’s team spent one afternoon sharing the gospel with several groups of women. During the midweek prayer services of the two churches with which we were involved, one of our team members led a study on prayer which seemed to have a good impact. The ladies on the team also shopped for and then personally delivered “renovation” gifts to the homes where work had been done.


We saw broken families, relationships that are “hopeless,” and addictions in full force. We also saw the need for the local church to reach out and be the hands and feet of Christ – speaking through actions. Yet, we know their greatest need is the gospel of Christ. Therefore, we held Bible studies in the evenings at 4 different homes and had multiple opportunities to share the gospel throughout the week.


Young people and several ladies accompanied our visits. Therefore the groundwork was laid for the local church to begin relationships with new families.Roberto Flores, the local GEM representative will help the local church people following up with those we ministered to, as well as new prospective homes/families that are open to ministry as a result of our efforts.


Pictures, stories, and other testimonies available 


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