Looking Forward to 2018

Dear Friends and Colleagues in Ministry,

Thank you for being part of my life, that of my family, and part of GEM ministries. We have so much in which  to celebrate and praise the LORD in 2017. Thankfully, we rejoice in the LORD's faithfulness in allowing us to see the "chacara" reach one of its visions of being used as a retreat and ministry center base, which is already functioning in 2017. We also this year officially organized as "The Evangelical Ministries of Global Encouragers", in Brazil (O Ministerio Evangelico dos Encorajadores Globais). This goal was to allow us to be recognized in Brazil as a registered religious and philanthropic ministry group.

2018 will bring many opportunities for continued growth and expansion as we continue to develop our mission and ministry plans. It is clear that in order for the Farm to work well as a retreat center, we need a water element. We are going to start preparing to put in a pool. Public bathrooms will also make it more accessible to the local people for day use or even for camping events. We have begun to rent out the facilities and that income is placed back into the upkeep and development of the chacara. The added features will make that more profitable.

Pastor Arivaldo of the Alta Floresta Church is helping Robert Flores with the administration and development of the Farm. They are beginning work on a chicken project, for which we have long had a donation, as well as other planting projects.

Thank you for your being a part of GEM, for your love, encouragement, support prayers and participation. May GOD continually use each of us to complete the vision HE has been so faithful to bring to fruition these many years of working and ministering together, and guide us in HIS plans for us in the future together.

I love and appreciate each of you and your families. I am praying that 2018 will be the most blessed and prosperous year of your lives through our LORD's richest and best blessings in every area of your lives. We are looking forward to the blessings in Brazil.



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