The Mission and Volunteer Center

These days, in September and October 2018, the Mission Center has become the hub of activity for English classes. Of course we are always asked if we will give English classes. And, it happens to be one of Wanda's passions. So during these months we are experimenting to see what we can offer to those in the Corumba and Ladario region.

We began with our mission team on September 8. Six of our team members were gracious enough to be conversation leaders during our American Coffee Break on a Saturday afternoon. Brazilians were given the opportunity to hear various American accents and to test their ability to converse and listen. The Americans were also given the opportunity to share their favorite Bible verse and maybe a little bit about why they had come to Brazil. The event was so well received that we feel that it may become a key feature for future trips.

That even has led several students to Wanda and she is offering some groups and private classes. The participants are asked to make a donation to the Farm of Encouragement. It is a great beginning for using English as a ministry avenue on the Farm of Encouragement. We are working in conjunction with local churches and local English schools.




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