Ruth's Testimony

In 2000, Bro. Carl and Sister Wanda moved to Corumba. They offered a Masterlife class in their apartment. A friend encouraged me to do the class because I had a desire to reach my neighbors for Christ. It was a great class. I feel like everything I learned about evangelizing I learned from Wanda in Masterlife. I had a Bible study in my home and we have continued that. Our dream has been to see a church in this neighborhood which has been a hard place to live, with drug deals and fighting. That Bible study grew and now meets in a larger home down the street and in August we will have our own church building on the corner above my house. I feel like this church is a result of that Masterlife class. My pastor at Third Baptist church asked me if I had a diploma. I don't know where my diploma is but I still have the little salt shaker that Sister Wanda gave us when we held our graduation party. It reminds me that I am the salt for my neighborhood.

This testimony was recorded in 2013 in June. I visited with Ruth this March, 2015.  I went to the midweek prayer service at the new church on the corner: Monte Sinai. When we arrived at the beautiful white building, a brother was praying into a microphone. Eventually there was a nice crowd of more than 25. Several men gave testimonies about what God had done and was doing in their lives. Ruth's nephew led the worship in music. Pastor Renan gave a message. After more than two hours, we were done. Several children played near their parents and Ruth told me they have a great group of youth too.

Ruth added some details to the testimony above. She told me that God had moved in her heart that they should build a church in that neighborhood. She went to the pastor of the mother church of the mission that had begun in her home. Pastor Claudio laughed. There was no way he could see that they could buy land and build a church. Ruth was sure that God's message was exactly that. They all prayed. At the same time, Pastor Walter Ponder was praying about where he could bring a group of Americans to build a church and Pastor Carl King was praying about where he could make an impact with a multi-ministry team. When the little group heard that these two pastors were looking for a place to do just what they needed, they were overjoyed. It was AN ANSWER TO PRAYER!!! In June and August of 2013, God's will became a reality.

When God speaks to you about going on a mission trip are the answer to SOMEONE'S PRAYERS. Mission trips do not just happen in a vacuum. They are bathed in prayer. While we are anxious to identify a place to work, we often forget that someone somewhere is praying to have a need met. The Master planner is our God. Praise be to Him.


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