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UPDATE DECEMBER 2017.......As of November, the center is open for business. Several local church groups have used the facilities. We are so excited to see ministry happening at the Farm of Encouragement. Pastor Arivaldo and Roberto Flores are managing the center. Preparations are being made for a free standing bathroom to give those who come for day use the facilities they need. Our next team is scheduled for July 2018. We plan to house the team on the Farm.

Celebrate with us this achievement and thank the Lord for all of His provisions.


This article has been updated as of September 2017:

The first team to stay at the MIssion and Volunteer Center is in the books!!!  A few challenges but it was a great week as we slept, ate, played and ministered on the Farm of Encouragement.

Challenged to pray outrageously in 2016, we did. God responded with a $75,000 donation.This enabled us to take advantage of a favorable financial exchange rate and to employ several Brazilians during what for them is a rough economy. This allowed us to see tremendous progress. Then in 2017 we received donations that have totaled about $40,000 and this allowed us to put into place the amenities to get the party started!!!!

In addition to the center which includes two dormitory rooms, 4 bathrooms, an industrial kitchen, office space, and a small efficiency suite, four "hotel-type" apartments are complete. These are large rooms with a bathroom which will be suitable for families, couples, older visitors, or smaller groups. Full front porches on both buildings provide wonderful space for hammocks as well as meetings and fellowship. Long steps on the front of the apartments provide an inviting place to gather groups for devotional moments or impromptu praise sessions.

A beautiful, large storage facility has been completed on the FARM. We are so excited about this "extra." Plans are being made for a playground and of course the pool is still but a dream. But things are in place for the center to be used for hospitality and for ministry.

Some have already asked, "What do you need?" Think of your favorite retreat center and what you find there. GEM officer Wanda King says, "It is exciting to be able to think beyond bricks and wires. Now we get to pray about those things that people will actually use as they come to this retreat center for training, for fellowship, or for healing."

As of September of 2017 we are happy to report that we are well on our way to getting supplies. Team members this summer made great suggestions and serving of a team that exceeded 35 revealed some additional specific needs. A warm thank you to those who brought sheets and blankets and dishes on this team. Here is an updated list.........

  • An industrial gas stove with an oven
  • Large refrigerator
  • Chest freezer and perhaps another refrigerator
  • Air conditioners (air/heat is not central)
  • Ceiling fans/fans
  • Large cooking pots and pans
  • Professional size utensils like slotted spoons and spatulas including wooden ones
  • 5 gallon thermos dispensers
  • Large baking pans
  • Tile backsplash and exhaust fan for the industrial stove
  • Outdoor kitchen counter and sink
  • Dishes and cups and utensils 
  • Some towels and sheets
  • Mattresses and pillows  Still Need 5 Queen mattresses
  • Blankets
  • Hammocks
  • Sofas
  • Hooks for the bathrooms and dormitories
  • Tables and chairs
  • Office furniture
  • Landscaping
  • Dishes for 60, plus cups and mugs and tableware


Donations are tax deductible and can be made by check to

PO Box 281945
Nashville, TN  37228

or through PayPal...see Donations on this website.

Thanks in advance!!!!







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