A Word of Encouragement from GEM's President

GEM CEO and President

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our new website and celebrating with us our upcoming 10 years of existence and ministries. I want to express a bigger thank you for ALL of your interests and participation with us over these many years. Some of you have been with us from the start of our missionary career while IMB missionaries to Brazil where we began using volunteer mission teams. Others began partnering with us since the conception and beginnings of Global Encouragers Ministries. To everyone I want to acknowledge that without your encouragement, prayers, love and support of us it would be impossible to be where we are today.


Wanda and I have always felt that volunteer missions changed the life and reality of what could be done in overseas missions. We have experienced the impact that volunteers have made around the world. Employing the various gifts and talents given by the LORD to those willing to use them has accomplished things that otherwise would have taken many years to become reality. For more than 28 years HE has proven HIMSELF faithful to call and send those HE had planned to be a part of our lives and the ministries of GEM. We have seen God do above and beyond what we could have ever thought or asked. We have been HIS eyes and ears, hands and feet, HIS heart and love toward those who needed to know GOD LOVES THEM, allowing us to see thousands of lives changed and turned to JESUS. We give HIM ALL praise, honor, and glory for whatever has been accomplished in HIS Kingdom.


My heart has been tender these many years toward those who give sacrificially of their personal time, money, talents, resources, and exhibit a willingness to go and invest themselves in the lives of others by making GOD’s love known among those needing to know someone cared for them. The Brazilians say, “Only GOD can repay you,” by one day letting you see the true investments you have made in HIS Kingdom causes. Until then, thank you for returning from these adventures Praying more, Giving more, and Being Willing to return more, inviting others to go with you. One day you will be rewarded eternally for these efforts and better understand why GOD called you to do what you have done. It has not been done in vain!!!


Someone once asked me, “Do I have anything to offer a volunteer mission team?” I responded, “Let me tell you how to know if GOD can use you. Stand in front of the mirror and take a big breath, then exhale. If there is any evidence of life (mist on the mirror), then GOD can use you on a volunteer team. Give what you have and let HIM take who you are and show you what HE can do through you.”  I believe that GOD wants to use us all in the cause of reaching the world for Christ. He wants us to be HIS ambassadors!!! I encourage you to make yourself available and step up, seeking how you can be on mission with GOD and partner with GEM. For those who are already involved, once again, let me say “thank you.” Please continue to pray, give, and go with us. For those who would be new to GEM, we are excited about what the LORD is going to do through your life and participation and how HIS kingdom will be blessed because you decide to be involved and available for HIS use.

In HIS Love, 


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