Will I need a visa to travel to Brazil?

YES, everyone traveling into Brazil will need a visa. The Consulate General of Brazil in Miami has a online visa application form that can be downloaded and printed  You can also download this application from our "Forms" page on this website. Your particular Brazilian Consulate depends on the state in which you live. Find your Brazilian Consular Jurisdiction. After international airline tickets are purchased the travel agent can issue a letter stating that you have purchased a round-trip ticket to visit Brazil with the dates. If time permits, you can wait until you receive your tickets at which time you can make a copy of the ticket front. Fill out the visa application form completely as instructed and do "exactly" as it instructs you to do. If not, you may lose time by having the application form returned to you and having to resend it. For information on how to apply, see our Visa Info page on this website. For those without computer online access, we will make a visa application form available to you either through your group leader or we can mail/fax one to you. See forms on the website or contact us.

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