2020 Brings New Opportunities

No one expected what 2020 has brought. But the challenges of this year have brought out the best of GEM's team. At the suggestion of one of our board members, we started a COVID-19 Relief Fund to aid our brothers and sisters and friends in Ladario and Corumba in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. The pandemic hit Brazil pretty much as it has hit us here in the USA.
People were quarantined and businesses were closed. The difference for many, however, was that Brazilians do not have overflowing pantries and stocked up freezers as many of us do. Their grocery shopping is on a much more daily or at least weekly basis. Another difference -- it has been winter for the last 3 month. With funds given by our board members and others, our men on the ground at the Farm of Encouragement went to work.
Pastor Arivaldo contacted local congregations to discover who were the most needy. He was sought out by city officials to help some of the elderly in the community with things like diapers and blankets. Our team assembled more than 150 bags of supplies as well as blankets and other requested items. 
We thank those who have contributed. We will continue to supply funds as we receive them.

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