Partner Testimonies

Debbie's Testimony

A few years ago I went through a particularly trying time in my life. I spent a considerable amount of time focused on making the life changing decisions that I needed to make in order to move forward. Much anxiety and sadness resulted from this difficult time. In the spring of 2008, I was in church on Easter Sunday and feeling particularly low. That day in church, I learned about a mission trip to Mexico. I decided then and there to go on that mission trip. I knew that I needed to take the focus of my life off of myself and put it on others if my emotional wounds were ever going to heal. I needed to quit wallowing in my misery, and that mission trip to Mexico really helped me do that in a profound way.

Ruth's Testimony

In 2000, Bro. Carl and Sister Wanda moved to Corumba. They offered a Masterlife class in their apartment. A friend encouraged me to do the class because I had a desire to reach my neighbors for Christ. It was a great class. I feel like everything I learned about evangelizing I learned from Wanda in Masterlife. I had a Bible study in my home and we have continued that. Our dream has been to see a church in this neighborhood which has been a hard place to live, with drug deals and fighting.

An Eye-Opening Trip

eye opening trip

This trip was different! Our goals were different and the results were often surprising. As a result of the church going outside its walls and meeting with the people in their homes, eyes and hearts were opened and people understood a whole new set of needs. Lives were touched in a very personal way. This approach provided a unique opportunity for the team as well as the local church people to see the true living conditions of the people – something they don’t see in a medical clinic or church meeting type mission trip setting.


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