Future Plans

mission volunteer and ministry center

Future Plans and Projects 2010-2020

  • Missionary Housing on GEM Farm  for Long and Short Term Volunteers working with us in  Brazil
  • Family/Couple Suites on GEM Farm
  • Shelter and Childcare Center to be built on the “Farm of Encouragement” purchased in June 2004 in Brazil
  • Leadership, Life-Skills and Seminary Training Center
  • Multi-Sports and Recreational Community Complex in Brazil
  • Purchase of a larger boat for the Pantanal Project’s multiple ministries along the rivers
  • Community/Family/Church Development Programs
  • Reproducing the Jacob’s Well Ministry in other areas
  • Church/Other Construction Projects
  • Medical/Dental/Eye Teams
  • Evangelism/Church Planting/Discipleship Teams
  • Special Interests Teams Focusing On Specific Ministry Needs
  • Partnering with Local Nationals in Ministry
  • Provide Channels  by which Short/Long Term Volunteers can serve overseas
  • Partner with other Great Commission Churches and Christian Groups

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