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Thank you for willingness to partner with GEM through your financial gift! You have most likely noticed the material needs of some of the projects to which GEM has committed, and completion of those projects can only be accomplished through generous gifts like yours. Similarly, on-going operations require financial support. This page directs you to the appropriate area to make a monthly  or a one-time gift. Monthly gifts allow us to plan and prioritize throughout the year while yearly and one-time gifts enable us to incrementally complete our on-going projects and make plans for future development.
All donations to GEM are tax-deductible.We are a registered 501(3c).
Please click the link that best fits your goals and needs. You will be redirected to a donation page where you can enter the details of your gift. Again, thank you for your generous gift to Global Encouragers Ministries, and may God bless you with His great grace and peace!
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