Visions and Dreams

We are excited about meeting the needs that the realization of the immediate goals listed below will allow:


  1. Mission Volunteer/Ministry & Retreat Center completed----This will provide a place for mission volunteers to stay when working with GEM. It will also be a place used for ministries, and training. The space allows for a full-time missionary couple to also have living quarters.


  1. Expansion Plans for GEM Farm --- A new part of plans include the completion  of the already in place 4 (16.5 x 16.5) suites that will be used for additional sleeping and living space for groups. This positions the GEM Farm to be a true place of encouragement and a retreat environment for the local Christians and churches of the area as they rent and use the facilities.  It will allow us the ability to generate income that can be used for reinvestment in the farm and it’s care and upkeep. The need for a Christian retreat environment is a high priority for the local Christians and Churches of the region.


  1. Development the Timothy Initiative ---- Train lay people and other leaders to be involved in beginning strengthening groups as a way to efficiently and quickly evangelize and disciple. We will seek  to draw leaders from Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, training people to return to their own areas and develop and carry on a work among their people.


  1. Develop the Jacob’s Well Plans --- The goal continues to be to experiment with using the farm to understand and develop a plan that helps the local communities in knowing how to feed and care for each other and provide resources for their family’s nutritional needs.


  1. Re-initiate the Multi-Sports Ministry--- To re-establish the multi-sports ministries in order to reach high risk kids in the communities of Ladário and Corumbá. We need volunteers to work with us in these efforts and we are praying that the LORD will call an individual or couple to work with us full time in using this platform to reach children, win them to Christ, begin a ministry into the homes of the children, reach their parents and siblings. We also want to aid churches in discipling and integrating these families into their church communities.


  1. Develop a Coaching/Counseling Ministries----Reaching families and troubled individuals (men, women, couples, pastors and families) is a heart throb for GEM. Carl and Wanda are both trained in these areas. The Mission Center and suites on the farm will provide a wonderful place for individual/couple/family respite and retreat ministry.


  1. Volunteers----Increase the number of volunteer teams to work in the various areas of needs as listed here. We see a need for evangelism, discipleship, Biblical study; medical, dental, veterinary medicine; construction and renovation; youth, sports, men and women ministries. We use these to share the gospel whether in the cities or along the river. We believe that all talents and interests can be used on the mission field to touch hearts that others may not reach.


  1. Increase Partners in Ministry----We are looking for individuals, groups, and churches within the Great Commission Community to partner with us in long terms projects to complete the above goals. We would love to reach the goal of having at least 100 monthly supporters donating $100.00 and others that might give other values and some that would make special project donations. We are confident that GOD is calling will speak to those who are to partner with us as supporters as HE has always done as we remain faithful. 

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